Sales & Marketing

  • Market demand & sales forecasting
  • Marketing spend allocation optimisation
  • Customer segmentation & segment prioritisation
  • Pricing analysis
  • Promotion & Advertising effectiveness analysis
  • Social Media Analytics

Supply Chain

  • Supply & demand forecasting
  • Raw material price forecasting
  • Inventory optimisation under dynamic conditions (safety stock, EOQ & customer service levels)
  • Network planning & optimisation
  • Transportation & sourcing analytics

Quality & Operations

  • Detect causes of product quality deterioration
  • Determine optimal levels of process parameters
  • Reliability & Product lifetime analysis
  • Reduction of rework & wastage
  • Process mapping & Statistical Process Control (SPC)
  • Statistical Quality Control


  • Credit risk modelling, drivers of risk & risk based segmentation
  • Product segmentation based on supply chain risk
  • Risk based pricing
  • Loss forecasting & Value at Risk (VAR)
  • Project risk based on NPV, scenario analysis & Monte Carlo simulations

Clients & Testimonials...

very relevant, learnt how simple statistical tools can make an impact on the bottom line
made me understand the significance of using various statistical tools for business success
we were exposed to the power of Statistical Process Control Techniques
very relevant for manufacturing industries. We are already implementing some of them
very relevant, is a must for all industries

Our Partners

Some of our valued clients

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About Us

Our Vision

To be the key knowledge partner of our clients in a world where business decisions are taken not by gazing at a crystal ball but by making sense of pattern hidden in data

Our Mission

To aid businesses become more competitive & profitable through data-driven decision-making.

  • Add value to our clients through solutions that are data-driven, reliable, actionable & can be integrated to other business metrics

What do we do?

Predire Advisors was founded in 2015 as an independent organisation by a team of experienced professionals & the founder of Statconsulta. We specialise in the application of sophisticated statistical modelling to data gathered from multiple sources, irrespective of the nature & source of data. The extensive experience of our team members helps combine sound business judgement & category experience with data analysis to generate solutions that are reliable, interpretable, actionable & in line with clients’ business objectives.

Guided by our values

To be proactive, proud and passionate in what we do for our clients without compromising on quality and keeping needs of our clients as our top priority

Key values of our business are:

  • We partner only if we know we can add value
  • We keep client information confidential
  • We express the facts as we see them